Event Details

Join the Northeastern University Visualization Consortium on Thursday, September 20 for the start of a short series of informal sessions centered around the process and practice of visualization: NUVis Design Briefs!

Description: Join Steven Braun, Data Analytics and Visualization Specialist in the Northeastern University Libraries Digital Scholarship Group, to hear about Steven’s work on his recent project A Visual Guide to ‘The Big Lebowski’, created in collaboration with Matthew McDonald (Associate Professor, CAMD – Music). Hear about Steven’s process in creating the visualization portion of this project, including challenges encountered in specific design choices like layout and color as well as in data analysis. This session will deconstruct the final visualization, showing where it started, its many iterations, and how it arrived in its final form.

About NUVis Design Briefs: Come learn about the process of creating visualizations and the many design challenges we encounter along the way. These sessions aim to deconstruct and demystify the process of visualization, emphasizing the reality that the final visualization we see is rarely reflective of our initial ideas. Do you have a project you want to present, either in-progress or in its published state? Are you interested in leading a Design Briefs session? Contact Steven Braun (s.braun@northeastern.edu) with your idea.