Event Details

Join the Northeastern University Visualization Consortium this Friday for a new series of informal sessions centered around visualization tools, codes, and tricks: NUVis Snippets!

Description: Do you use D3.js for your visualization work? You may not know that D3 saw the release of a new version, 5.0, just recently in the past couple of weeks. Join Steven Braun to learn about what’s new and what’s different in this new version and the implications those changes have for how we use D3 to make visualizations.

About NUVis Snippets: Come learn about visualization tools, codes, and tricks-of-the-trade.  In this series, Northeastern affiliates volunteer to lead a snippet session and share their newest favorite visualization tool, hack, or original creation that would benefit others.  Open to all Northeastern affiliates to volunteer or attend as a participant. Interested in leading a Snippets session? Contact Steven Braun (s.braun@northeastern.edu) with your idea.