Event Category: Lecture

We live in an era of ubiquitous computing – the fabric of cities becomes more digitized, people’s gadgets generate tons of data. Yet our ability to understand many urban phenomena is still limited. How to compare incomparable? The city population and economic performance? Urban mobility and people’s values? Modern cities are complex multilevel systems and […]

The unprecedented scale and resolution of data generated by the biomedical research community hold tremendous potential to inform our understanding and treatment of disease. The challenge is to ensure that technical and non-technical researchers can access, use and learn from this wealth of data and analytical resources. I will present examples of tools developed at the […]

The modern world is awash in complex data that can contain the keys to improving our lives. The scope of this data has rapidly outpaced our capabilities to analyze and comprehend, so we turn to computers to help. However, state-of-the-art technology can only supplement the human element. People assist in each stage of data science, […]

Mauro Martino is a scientist and artist who focuses on information technology related to exploration, dissemination and sharing of knowledge. He uses artificial intelligence to explore and enhance understanding of the world, transforming any type of information, whether it is visual, acoustic, or semantic, into interactive tools that are beautiful and simple to use. His projects have […]