People & Resources

NUVis Leadership


Michelle Borkin, Co-Director, Khoury College of Computer Sciences
Dietmar Offenhuber, Co-Director, College of Arts, Media and Design
Steven Braun, Associate Director, College of Arts, Media and Design



Visualization-related Courses

College of Arts, Media and Design

JRNL 3700 Data Storytelling
JRNL 3610 Digital Storytelling and Social Media
ARTG 5100 Information Design Studio 1: Principles
ARTG 5110 Information Design History
ARTG 5120 Information Design Research Methods
ARTG 5130 Visual Communication for Information Design
ARTG 5330 Visualization Technologies 1: Fundamentals
ARTG 6100 Information Design Studio 2: Dynamic Mapping and Models
ARTG 6110 Information Design Theory and Critical Thinking
ARTG 6200 Information Design Studio 3: Synthesis
ARTG 6900 Visual Cognition: Beautiful Science
ARTG 6900 ST: Information Visualization Principles & Practices
ARTG 6900 ST: Visualization Technologies 2